Monday, May 26, 2008

Seven Months

No, major milestones this month. Max is sitting by himself for the most part. Every now and then there will be a little tumble, but he just lays there until someone sits him back up. He still doesn't love his stomach, so I'm sure crawling isn't in our immediate future (which is just fine with me!). He's still such a happy, easy-going little guy. He makes our life happy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Little "Miss Chievous"

This is what I found this morning when I went to wake up Quincy...

I guess someone had fun last night after being tucked in, the little stinker.

Goodbye Soccer...

...hello baseball!

Tanner finished off his spring soccer a couple of weeks ago. I love watching Tanner play because he's SO into it. When he scores a goal he's all over the place high-fiving his coach and teammates, and when he misses one, he's equally dramatic. He's a quick little guy, so he maneuvers around the others pretty well.

Tan-man was able to start playing machine-pitch this year (much to our relief! One can only handle so much t-ball.). He had his first game this past Saturday and did great! He played second base and was able to make the out on the one ball that was hit to him. He had three hits and made it to base each time. This is the first year they've let six year olds play (with 7 & 8 year olds), so we didn't quite know what to expect, but he held his own. Now, we're at the baseball fields every single day watching one of the boys. Good thing I enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Afternoon Project

I just had to show these little pretties I made this afternoon for Quincy's hair. My friend Cassie made Q the yellow one a couple of months ago, and I've been wanting to make more ever since. I bought the flowers forever ago, but just barely bought the little barrettes today. Instead of doing the much needed cleaning of my house, I got busy with the ribbon and glue gun. I cut and glued cute ribbons around the metal clip so that you couldn't see the barrett. After some trial and error, I'm happy with the end product. Besides, no one's going to look too closely at them, right? Quincy's in one of her moods, so I couldn't get her to model one right now, but I'll be sneaky and get one soon. Until then, I need to go clean glue off of my fingers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

My Tanner is growing up. Maybe I'm just a big baby, but kindergarten graduation gets to me. As the kids were walking down the aisle to take their places and again as they started singing about all of the things that they've learned this year, I was trying not to cry. I tried to be sneaky so that no one would see me, but Nate caught me dabbing away. As much as I love the transition to first grade and all day school, I also hate the transition to all day school. They become more and more independent and just too darn grown up!

Tanner has had a great kindergarten year. We've loved his teacher, Mrs. Ekker, and he's made some wonderful friends. He started out barely reading and can now hold his own with 2nd graders. He can tell basic time and add up money. He loves school and I'm grateful that he got off to a good start. Way to go, Tan-Man. You made it through your first year. Now, how many more to go?

With his buddy, Brecken Shakespeare

With his friend, Garrett Graff

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Four reasons I love being a mom...

Treyson, Tanner, Quincy, and Max, I love you and I'm so grateful to be your mom (even after all of the teasing and fighting that took place today between children #2 and #3).

Happy Mother's Day to all, especially to my sweet mom. I love you and I'm so grateful for your example. If I can be anywhere near the kind of mother you are, then my kids will be blessed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Quincy Dear...

My little girl is three today! It amazes me that three years has gone by since we added a little sugar, and a little more spice, to our family. Quincy has us (especially her dad) wrapped pretty tightly around her finger. She has brothers that adore her and will give her anything she wants (she mastered the pouty eyes and lips pretty dang early). She's my little shopping buddy, who loves to carry a purse and her baby. She enjoys bling on anything and everything and has quite the collection of shoes (I guess she has a little bit of an advantage being the only girl of a mom who really likes to shop.). She loves playing dress-ups and pretending that she's a "prinpess". She LOVES to sing and amazes me how many songs she knows. She loves to wrestle with her dad and brothers, and doesn't mind getting dirty and spending time at the baseball field. I love that she can go from tu-tu to Red Sox hat within minutes. I absolutely adore this girl. She can make me want to scream multiple times a day, but when she wraps her arms around me and says "I love you, Mom," I can't help but be so in love with her. Happy birthday, Quincy. We love you forever and ever and are so grateful that you can be our one and only girl.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Road Trip

Last weekend, my mom, Max, Quincy and I had the chance to go up north to visit my sister and brother and their families. Alayna had to speak at a stake relief society activity, so we hauled the kids up to Ogden to go and listen to her. Can I just say, that girl is amazing. She has such a talent for speaking. She spoke on having a Christ centered home and she did incredible! Quincy and Dawson were able to spend the day together playing and laughing with each other. We just let the kids run and didn't really have an agenda. It was nice just to hang out and talk and laugh. Nate was quite impressed that we spent time in the Ogden mall (letting the kids play in the play area) and didn't even go in one store. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with myself as well. Thanks Alayna for giving us a good excuse to come visit!

After playing in Ogden for the day, we drove down to Provo and met up with my brother, Cameron, and his cute family. We had a yummy dinner together and had fun catching up. He has the cutest kids-two boys, Carter and Cooper, and one sweet little girl, Halle. Carter and Tanner are close in age and always have so much fun together. They're both into sports and the WII, so usually when they get together, they're doing those things. Cam's family are avid BYU fans and always get dressed in their blue for game day. We love his family and wish we could see them more often. Thanks guys for letting us do dinner with you!
In the solo shots, Cooper is on the top. He's 4 1/2 and personality plus! Carter is the lower picture. He just turned seven and is such a sweet, tender-hearted boy. Hey boys, go Cougs!

Max is six months!

I know I start each of Max's month milestone blogs the same way, but seriously, where has the time gone? I'm absolutely amazed that half of a year has flown by since he was born. Before I know it, he'll be smearing his first birthday cake all over his face. This little man has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. I've been so lucky to have four happy babies, but this last one is the winner. Maybe it's because we're constantly on the go and he's just learned to go with the flow and make the best of things. He's so easy going. Two weeks ago, he got his first two teeth and I didn't even know that they were coming in. There was no swelling, no middle of the night screaming because of the pain, no daytime crankiness. Just my happy Max with two new teeth to show off. He's finally decided that food is ok and he loves any fruit. Nate's been testing my limits and has offered him lemons and pickles to suck on. The kids are good at tattling though, so he usually can't get away with it. Max has started to sit up a little bit, but could care less about his stomach. I'm just fine postponing crawling as long as possible. He's discovered his toes. I love watching him grab them and stare at them trying to figure out what the heck they are. We love this little guy (ok, chunky guy. He's nearly 20 pounds!) and look forward to the next six months.