Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giving Us The Finger

Santa had the crazy idea that Treyson and Tanner would enjoy a Swiss Army knife in their stockings. I think that he had intended for these knives to be used when needed for scouts and when the boys were at the cabin. I don't think that Santa had envisioned these knives being used to cut to the center of a baseball. Trey's ideas are bigger than Santa's and he proceeded to cut not only into a baseball, but also into the pointer finger of his right hand.
I was on my way home from running some errands when I got a call from Tanner telling me to hurry home because Treyson had cut himself pretty badly. I thought he was either joking or exaggerating, until I walked into the blood-covered bathroom. After doing a quick exam of the finger, I called our doctor who said to bring him out and they'd take a look. After a quick look, and a second opinion from another doctor, the orthopedic surgeon was called for a consult, because the tip of the finger that had been cut, was starting to turn a little black from lack of circulation. The surgeon was in surgery (doing his job, I guess), so we headed over to the E.R. to be examined there. The doctor there determined that surgery wasn't needed that day (maybe in a couple weeks if it didn't heal correctly), and put five stitches in Trey's finger. I couldn't look at the finger, but after they numbed it up good, the doctor moved the tip around to see how much damage was done. That good, sharp knife cut into some nerve endings and got some of the bone. Lovely, I know. Now, two weeks later, things are looking good. At his first follow-up appointment, the doctor was happy with the coloring and Trey had feeling in the tip. The stitches will come out next week and we'll know then if the skin "took" and is healing correctly. The doctor seemed optimistic that all will be well and that Trey will be throwing a wicked fast ball by next month. For now, knives are off limits and the pocket knife merit badge will have to wait.

Our Holidays in Photos

Warning: A gazillion pictures are about to follow. Proceed at your own risk.

We had a wonderful holiday season. Christmas Eve this year was with the Cowan family. One of my very favorite traditions is when my dad reads from a Christmas story and then gives us a little present to remind us of the chosen story. This year was "The Last Straw." The kids were super anxious to wake up in the morning to see what Santa brought. Trey even sent me a text at 4:50 a.m. wondering if they could get up yet. A little insane, I know, but it makes this mom smile (I've taught them well!). Christmas day was full of family and fun and a whole lot of being spoiled. Cam's family came to town on New Year's Eve, so all of my family came up to my house for some pizza, lots of snacking, and some silly games. Quincy loved that she got to stay up until "midnight" when the ball dropped in NYC! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that this new year brings happiness.