Saturday, February 21, 2009

He Shoots, He Scores!

Trey and Tanner have both finally finished up basketball. This was Treyson's first year entering the "draft," which is suppose to make the teams a little more even. He had a few of his friends on his team, and Nate helped coach. His team ended up split with even wins and losses. He had a great time, but I think he's ready to be playing baseball full-time.

Tanner's age group would meet each week for a series of clinics, and then for the last four weeks, they played scrimmage games. The kids picked their own teams, and needless to say, the teams were always a little lopsided. Tanner had a group of friends that always stuck together. Tanner loved playing the games and had an endless supply of energy. He was all over the court and loved every minute.

Quincy and Max were always just happy climbing on the bleachers, playing with the extra balls, and seeing what treat Grandpa and Grandma would bring them.

My Valentines

We didn't have our typical Valentine's Day this year. The two older boys had a baseball tournament in St. George, so we spent a very cold weekend watching games. The highlight for Quincy and Max was making (ok, eating) the sugar cookies. Max couldn't get enough of the frosting and I happily obliged him. How cute are these two licking the spoon?

I couldn't resist this picture with the close-up of those chubby toddler fingers!

I love my five Valentines! They make my world go around.

Let The Races Begin

Well, another Pine Wood Derby race has come and gone, and Nate is grateful that he has 11 months to recuperate. It is seriously one of those things that he dreads doing each year. He loves working with Trey and the time he gets to spend with him, but remember, he's a sit behind a desk kind of guy. Trey's goal for this year was to at least make it across the finish line (there have been times that it didn't quite make it). He did get one second place, three third places, and the rest fourth, so it was a definite improvement from last year. I'm just proud of Treyson (and his dad) for being good sports and not getting too discouraged. I keep reminding Nate that he's done with one of the boys and the Pine Wood Derby. Now we just have to gear him up for Tanner and Max.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's Play Ball!

Seriously, is there anything cuter than this Tanner of mine at his very first baseball tournament? Plus, don't you think there should be a rule that my kids' uniforms should always be blue to match their eyes?


I was so proud of my Tan-Man! He played four games and was so excited for each and everyone of them. He got walked almost every time up to bat (remember, these kids are seven. I don't think there were many strikes thrown.). He played shortstop every game and did have some balls hit to him and was able to make the play and throw the runner out at first. Their team ended up taking second place (ok, there were only two teams in his age division), and you would have thought they won the World Series, they were so excited! It was so fun to watch him and his excitement for the game. It's a good thing he likes it, because he has another four games scheduled for this weekend!

Treyson's team also played and took third place. He played with a different group of boys this go-around and had fun with them. (I didn't even get pictures of Trey this weekend. I guess I was too consumed by this new orange and blue team I was rooting for.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken in November (it seems like forever ago) and I'm finally getting around to posting them. I loved the gal that took them. Her name is Abbey Kyhl and she was incredible! She was so incredibly patient with my very irritated one-year-old and even met with me the following week to try and get better pictures of him. She was wonderful to work with after as I tried to decide what pictures I wanted and went back and edited several more for me. I think her prices are very reasonable, so if you're in this area, give her a call. Her website is: Sorry for the picture fest ahead!

Super Bowl Sunday

My aunt Wendy and uncle Rick were nice enough to host a Super Bowl party at their house. They always have such yummy food and my kids were ecstatic to play with their dog, Baxter. The three older kids have been begging Nate for a dog for quite awhile (he's allergic). After playing with Baxter for awhile, Quincy even asked Nate if instead of getting her the moon (which she asks him for regulary), if he'd get her dog. We couldn't quit laughing. The food was great, the company even better, and the right team won.

*None of us remembered our cameras, but Whit had her phone. Thanks Whit!