Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Much to Treyson's delight, I wanted to get some pictures of just him for his big birthday. I think the 12th birthday is kind of a milestone, so we had our favorite picture gal, Abbey (from AK Studio and Design) meet us at Treyson's favorite hang-out to snap some pics of my growing boy. As always, I loved the results. (Doesn't he look right at home?)

I also wanted to get some pictures of him sporting his suit. Quite handsome, don't you think?

I'm so proud of the young man that Treyson has become and his decision to receive the Priesthood. His dad gave him a wonderful blessing as he made him a Deacon. He actually was ordained the morning of his birthday and was able to pass the sacrament that day. I admit...I cried through the entire sacrament meeting. One funny story though that helped slow the tears...As Treyson was joining us on our bench after passing the sacrament, Quincy met him at the end of the bench, gave him a big high-five, and (loud enough for multiple rows of people to hear), congratulated him for not spilling the bread or water. Way to go, Trey! Love my boy and will forever be grateful that he was my first. He's an amazing example to each of us.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Before we even had kids, Nate had said that he wanted to take each child on a birthday trip for their 12th birthday. At first, he was going to take the boys, and I would take the girls. That sounded like a great deal until we ended up with three boys and one girl. I was feeling a little cheated as Treyson was getting closer to his 12th birthday and the two of them started talking about where he might want to go. Lucky for me, they said I could tag along :). Treyson decided he wanted to go to NYC, which Nate and I were both excited for because we both love the city. As we got planning the trip, Nate realized that Trey's beloved Red Sox would be playing at Yankee Stadium the day after Trey's birthday, so that fact cemented the deal. We were able to leave on Treyson's birthday (August 8th) on a red-eye out of Las Vegas. Because Nate travels so much, we were able to upgrade to first-class for free!!! Nate's use to it, but Treyson and I were in awe!
We landed bright and early and luckily were able to check into the hotel a little early and catch up on some much needed sleep. I headed off to do some shopping and the boys jumped on the subway to see the game. Nate was able to score some amazing third row seats (leather, I might add!) along third base line. The tickets included all-you-can-eat food and beverages, so they definitely took advantage of that and ate until they were sick.

The next day we headed down to Ground Zero and walked through the museum there and then got on the ferry to ride over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Nate and I hadn't ever got off of the ferry to see the statue up close and personal, but I'm so glad we did. The statue is huge! Seeing it from the ferry and standing up next to it are two different experiences. It was also our first time to visit Ellis Island. The history that is in that building was so fascinating! I loved seeing the pictures and the items left from immigrants as they entered this country.

On our final day there, Treyson and I went to see "Wicked." It was so fun to watch Treyson throughout the play...I don't think the smile left his face!

At the NBA Store, Trey was able to see how he would match up to Kobe Bryant.

Rockefeller Center

A birthday shout-out on American Eagle's jumbo-tron in Time Square!

We scored again on the way home when we were upgraded to first-class again. Not a bad way to fly, I've decided! The rest of the kids were so excited to see Treyson and the fun surprises that he picked out for each of them. The others are already starting to talk about where they want to go for their special birthday trip. I can't wait!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime?

Ok, this is my attempt to catch up on our complete summer. Picture overload ahead? You can count on it.

Who's surprised that baseball made our list of things we did this summer? Quincy had her first year of t-ball and was hilarious to watch. Figuring she has grown-up at the fields, we weren't surprised one bit when she started telling the other girls on her team how to play the game.
Tanner spent the summer playing his last year of machine pitch and also traveling around with his other team, Cedar Stix. I'm loving watching him improve and try to be just like his big brother.
Treyson made the Cedar American 11-12 year old all-star team. Their team ended up taking third place. Treyson hit two home-runs that are now proudly displayed in his room.

Utah Summer Games
Both of the boys participated in their first USG. Treyson played both basketball and baseball, and Tanner played baseball. We'll just say that Trey's basketball team has got to do a little growing if they'll ever stand a chance against the big boys! Both of the boys' baseball teams ended up taking third place and receiving the bronze medal. Pretty cool hardware!
We're also lucky that Grandpa Cowan works for the Summer Games because he always scores us awesome seats for the Opening Ceremonies! The fireworks are always the best! Fourth of July

I think my little firecrackers are pretty dang cute!
Hangin' with the Cousins

We are so blessed to have cousins that we adore! The kids love spending time together and being wild and crazy!

Outside Fun
We decided to get a trampoline this summer and it was definitely money well spent! The kids loved hooking the hose up to the rails to stay cool and also had many sleepovers out there. A lot of time was spent either at Grandma Esplin's swimming pool or outside on the slip 'n slide.
Another of our favorite things to do is light-up the fire pit in the backyard and roast yummy marshmallows! Most of our time though is spent blowing out Max's flaming ones!Family Reunions
Devin and Melissa were gracious enough to host the Esplin reunion this year. We all headed over to Castledale, Utah to spend a few days together. We were able to see a rodeo, a pioneer pageant, go boating on the reservoir, and go swimming at the rec center. Plus, we did a whole lot of eating! Max hadn't been potty-trained too long before we went to the reunion, so you can imagine there was a lot of {this} going on!

Whew! We made it! Hmmmm....four blogposts a year; one for each season. At the rate I'm going, that might just happen!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, No!!!

Max had his first "head-to-the-coffee-table" experience at the end of April. I was in the other room, heard a crash, and then one of those crys that means, "This is serious!". I ran into the room only to see a gaping hole above Max's eye with blood running down his face. Four stitches later, he was good to go.

About a month and a half later, I got a call from Treyson to come and pick him up from the baseball fields. He and his buddy had stayed after ball practice to give each other batting practice. Trey ended up getting hit on the side of the nose with a bat and split his nose right down the line that connects the nose to the cheek. Five stitches for him and he was good to play in the league championship game that night.

Future Tony Award?

At the end of this past school year, Tanner's second-grade class learned and presented the play, "Macbeth". Tanner's teacher asked him if he would play the main character. I instantly thought of seeing his name in lights on Broadway; Tanner just thought about all of the lines that he was going to have to learn. He worked so hard to memorize each of his lines, and by the time they presented it at the Bard's Birthday festivities at SUU, he had his role down pack! His favorite scene was definitely the sword fight that he had. He practiced his death scene over and over. I tried to get him to do it with a more dramatic flair to it, but he insisted he do it as his teacher told him to. I was so proud of him for his courage and his hard work. I don't know if he's getting any nomination nods this year, but listen for his name in the future...

Dancing Divas

Quincy really enjoyed her first year at Gravity Dance. She was with her BFF, Ainslee, so what could be better? Watching these two girls together makes me smile..
In May (I know I am WAY behind), they had a recital and danced in their first competition. Quincy was thrilled beyond belief that they took 1st place at competition (little does she know that there were muliple first place trophies handed out. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?). She loved getting all fancied up in make-up and curls and then strutting her stuff on stage. Love this dancing diva!

Look at those mad ballet skills! Pointed toe and everything!

My friend Abbey gets credit for the next three pictures. Much better seats and MUCH better photography skills!

Check out that crazy hair! I couldn't stop laughing about this picture! Waiting for their turn at competition...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

America's Next Top Model

Right after Quincy's 5th birthday, I had my friend and photo-extraordinaire, Abbey, take her pictures. Can I just say that this girl was in camera heaven! She came up with the funniest, silliest poses and knew how to work the lens! The pictures of her hula-hooping seriously had Abbey and I peeing our pants from laughter! It was a day I'll remember forever...spending a fun afternoon with just my girl. Love her to pieces. I'm so glad I'll always have these pictures to remind me of her fun, spunky personality at this stage of her life. Now, if I could narrow it down, I'd get some ordered! It's too dang hard to decide. Abbey suggested Quincy wallpaper....Now that's an idea!
*Click on the link on the right side of my blog to go directly to Abbey's site to see more photolicious pics of Q!