Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Much to Treyson's delight, I wanted to get some pictures of just him for his big birthday. I think the 12th birthday is kind of a milestone, so we had our favorite picture gal, Abbey (from AK Studio and Design) meet us at Treyson's favorite hang-out to snap some pics of my growing boy. As always, I loved the results. (Doesn't he look right at home?)

I also wanted to get some pictures of him sporting his suit. Quite handsome, don't you think?

I'm so proud of the young man that Treyson has become and his decision to receive the Priesthood. His dad gave him a wonderful blessing as he made him a Deacon. He actually was ordained the morning of his birthday and was able to pass the sacrament that day. I admit...I cried through the entire sacrament meeting. One funny story though that helped slow the tears...As Treyson was joining us on our bench after passing the sacrament, Quincy met him at the end of the bench, gave him a big high-five, and (loud enough for multiple rows of people to hear), congratulated him for not spilling the bread or water. Way to go, Trey! Love my boy and will forever be grateful that he was my first. He's an amazing example to each of us.

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