Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doin' Disney

For the past two years we've been talking about going to Disneyland. We wanted to go while Quincy was still young enough to truly believe in the princesses and to let her experience the magic of Disney. We finally were able to go at the end of March while the boys were out for spring break (if you can call it snowed non-stop while we were gone!). We had such a great time rediscovering the park together. Treyson and Tanner love anything that goes fast, just like their mom, so they were usually my coaster buddies. Quincy amazed me with how brave she was. She went on Tower of Terror multiple times. She really wanted to go on Screamin' but wasn't tall enough. Her favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain. Max is a huge Buzz Lightyear fan, so he loved all of the Toy Story rides. He was such a trooper and went with the flow each day.
We decided to do lunch with the princesses one day so that we could see each of them without searching all over the park for them. It was a highlight of the trip. Q couldn't wait to put on her Snow White costume, and luckily we were able to convince Max to dress like Buzz instead of Cinderella (like he tends to do at home. Issues? Maybe.) This picture below is while they were waiting to be seated. One of my favorite pictures.

Her first peek at a princess!
Max and his "crush"

Tinkerbell tried to fix Quincy's hair just like her own. Tink was quite certain that Quincy was part fairy. I think she's right.

I got to celebrate my birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. Pretty darn lucky, I think. My kids found me a pin at the park that said "Happy Birthday" on it, so throughout the day I was getting birthday wishes. It was seriously the best way to spend my birthday. I loved watching my kids enjoy each other and the opportunity we had of creating these memories together.