Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, No!!!

Max had his first "head-to-the-coffee-table" experience at the end of April. I was in the other room, heard a crash, and then one of those crys that means, "This is serious!". I ran into the room only to see a gaping hole above Max's eye with blood running down his face. Four stitches later, he was good to go.

About a month and a half later, I got a call from Treyson to come and pick him up from the baseball fields. He and his buddy had stayed after ball practice to give each other batting practice. Trey ended up getting hit on the side of the nose with a bat and split his nose right down the line that connects the nose to the cheek. Five stitches for him and he was good to play in the league championship game that night.

Future Tony Award?

At the end of this past school year, Tanner's second-grade class learned and presented the play, "Macbeth". Tanner's teacher asked him if he would play the main character. I instantly thought of seeing his name in lights on Broadway; Tanner just thought about all of the lines that he was going to have to learn. He worked so hard to memorize each of his lines, and by the time they presented it at the Bard's Birthday festivities at SUU, he had his role down pack! His favorite scene was definitely the sword fight that he had. He practiced his death scene over and over. I tried to get him to do it with a more dramatic flair to it, but he insisted he do it as his teacher told him to. I was so proud of him for his courage and his hard work. I don't know if he's getting any nomination nods this year, but listen for his name in the future...

Dancing Divas

Quincy really enjoyed her first year at Gravity Dance. She was with her BFF, Ainslee, so what could be better? Watching these two girls together makes me smile..
In May (I know I am WAY behind), they had a recital and danced in their first competition. Quincy was thrilled beyond belief that they took 1st place at competition (little does she know that there were muliple first place trophies handed out. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?). She loved getting all fancied up in make-up and curls and then strutting her stuff on stage. Love this dancing diva!

Look at those mad ballet skills! Pointed toe and everything!

My friend Abbey gets credit for the next three pictures. Much better seats and MUCH better photography skills!

Check out that crazy hair! I couldn't stop laughing about this picture! Waiting for their turn at competition...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

America's Next Top Model

Right after Quincy's 5th birthday, I had my friend and photo-extraordinaire, Abbey, take her pictures. Can I just say that this girl was in camera heaven! She came up with the funniest, silliest poses and knew how to work the lens! The pictures of her hula-hooping seriously had Abbey and I peeing our pants from laughter! It was a day I'll remember forever...spending a fun afternoon with just my girl. Love her to pieces. I'm so glad I'll always have these pictures to remind me of her fun, spunky personality at this stage of her life. Now, if I could narrow it down, I'd get some ordered! It's too dang hard to decide. Abbey suggested Quincy wallpaper....Now that's an idea!
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