Friday, April 24, 2009

Nursery, Here I Come!

I'm doing the happy dance. As of tomorrow, my baby will be 18-months-old! For anyone out there that hasn't reached this milestone with their children yet, let me explain. Up until this exciting "birthday," 2 1/2 hours of church are generally spent in the hall. We (I mean Nate) usually walks/runs up and down the hall, chasing a runaway child. Occasionally, Nate will try to come into class, to only moments later, return to the hall. Confinement is not good when you are a young toddler. On Sunday, Max can officially enter nursery and we (including him), couldn't be happier! Our good friend and neighbor is the nursery leader, and has graciously let him come in the last three weeks. Happy, happy day in our house.

It is hard for me to believe that my baby is at this point already. He has brightened our world and I'm so grateful to have him as our caboose. He still isn't talking much (unless a couple of animal noises and the word "no" count), but is pretty good at following directions. He's pretty headstrong and in his short little life has thrown more temper tantrums than the others combined. He does the full-out on the floor kicking and arched back tantrum. Quite fun to watch (if we're in the vicinity of our own home, of course). Max is also quite the climber. I'll often find him sitting on the table, eating whatever snack Quincy left up there or coloring with the crayons that she forgot to put away. I love my baby to pieces. I also love that we don't have to deal with him during the final two hours of church anymore. Yea!

Dale Murphy

Last night we were able to meet the Atlanta Braves all-star, Dale Murphy. My boys were in heaven! He was a great speaker and shared some fun stories. My boys didn't even complain that they had to wear a polo!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our (failed) attempt at Easter pictures

Try as I might, Max will not sit still for pictures. He wouldn't sit on a chair, a rock, or even let Treyson hold him. So, needless to say, our Easter pictures don't include Max. I got a few of him running away, but never any great ones. Oh, the joys of 18-month-olds!

I had to have a picture of the shoes! They're one of my favorite purchases of the season!

One of few pictures where Max is actually looking towards the camera. Notice the chocolate on his face and it's only 8:00 a.m. That's my boy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gateway Children's Museum

Over Easter weekend, the family headed up north for my nephew's baptism/Trey's baseball tournament. I figured that I see PLENTY of ball games, so on Friday, I skipped out on cheering my boy on, and headed to SLC with my parents to meet up with my fabulous sister and her family.

We met up at the Gateway Children's Museum and had such a great time! I only had Quincy (how lucky am I that I was able to leave the others with Nate?), and she absolutely loved it! She gets so excited to see Dawson; if only they could see more of each other! If you've never been to this children's museum, I would highly recommend it. Whenever we travel with the kids, we try to visit the local children's museum. Salt Lake's ranks right up there with the ones in Columbus, Ohio, and in Boston. Such a fun morning with the fam.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trey's Been Busy

Our school science fair was two weeks ago. The fifth and fourth grade classes are required to participate; the other grades are optional. Tanner asked if he could do one, and me being the super nice, supportive mother that I am, said no. How awful am I?
Treyson got the idea for his project from one of his cousins. He handed out plain white t-shirts to four of his friends and then the five of them wore them on a Saturday. The boys were suppose to go about their normal activities (do their normal stinky boy type things), and then we collected them. We then took all five shirts back around to the boys families and had a parent and a sibling smell the shirts (with their eyes closed). They were suppose to pick out which shirt belonged to their child/brother using only their sense of smell. The experiment turned out cute, with only a few things that we'd do different if we did it again. He ended up getting an honorable mention, which he was excited about. Heck, we were just glad to have the assignment completed!

Next on the list for Treyson was Dare graduation. Each of the fifth graders had to write an essay about what they learned during the course. The Dare officer then picked a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place essay from each class. Trey won 1st place! The 1st place winners each had to read their essay in front of those at the graduation (all 5th graders and their parents). He did a great job, but said that his legs were shaking the whole time. He got to pick a prize (a football), which I guess made it worth it. I was proud of him and the great job he did.

Playing Catch-Up

I've been a major slacker. Life gets crazy, and the blogging tends to disappear. I wish I could say that I've been on some fun, exotic trip, or even that it's been warm and all I've done is play outside with the kiddos, but no, I've just been here doing the day to day. I pinkie swear that I'll do better.